Special credits to Mrs A. Edwards for her tremendous contributions in Caribbean Studies.

CAIRBBEAN Society and culture

CAPE Carib Studies- 2010 —

CAPE Carib Studies-2011 —

CaribbeanStudies2- — Wiki Home- Website for a review of Caribbean Studies (ALL MODs)

Caribbean Studies Note (MOD.1,2&3) —

History of Earthquakes in the Caribbean — Research conducted by the University of the West Indies

Lect. 2.2 Berbice Slave Revolt Part 1 — Educational Video

Lect. 2.2 Berbice Slave Revolt Part 2 — Educational Video

Lect. 2.2 Berbice Slave Revolt Part 3 — Educational Video

Lect. 2.2 Haitian Revolution — Educational Video

Lect. 2.2 Slave Revolts — Educational Video

Lect. 4.2.1 Factors Promoting Social Mobility

Lect. 4.2 Iden & Soc Formation.docx

Lect. 5.2 Plate Tectonic Theory — Educational Video

Lect. 5.3 Contributions of Coral Reefs — Educational Video

Lect. 7.2 Rex Nettleford Story — Educational Video

Lect. 7.3 Miss Louise Bennett — Educational Video

Lect. 7.4 Bob Marley Bio — Educational Video

Mass Media in Caribbean Development —

Migration in the Caribbean Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Beyond.pdf

Slave Resistance and Revolt — Digital History

Society and Culture —

Society and Culture (MOD. 1) —

The Road to Freedom — A Special Gleaner Feature

Issues in Caribbean Development

CARICOM success

Comparative analysis between Market-led v State-led Economy — Economic Reference Library and Interview video.

Essay Questions- MOD 2- Issues in Caribbean Development —

Globalization —

Globalization and ICT —

Globalization Pros and Cons — Slide

Lect. 1.3 Difference btwn Communism and Socialism — Investopedia

Lect. 3.2 International Organizations (WTB, World Bank & IMF) — Educational Video

Lect. 3.3 WTO, World Bank & IMF work — Educational video

Lect. 3.4 What is inflation? — Educational Video

Lect. 3.5 'Life and Debt' (2001)- Movie Documentary, directed by Stephanie Black. — PutLocker

Lect. 5 Contributions of Sports — Slideshare

Lect. 6.3 History of Pan-Africanism by Dr. Umar — Educational Video

Lect. 6.4 Pan-Afrianism Kwame Ture — Educational Video

Regional News — Caribbean360- Please stay abreast of happenings/issues within the region and formulate an opinion on the same.

Report on Candidate performance- CAPE 2007 — CXC Website

Roles and Functions of the Mass Media —

The causes and effect of Globalization —

Investigating Issues in the Caribbean

Quantitative vs. Qualitative Research — Educational Video

Readability, validity, generalizability and credibility of research quality — Educational Video

Sample of Internal Assessment — very informative, educational and instructional website.

Online Assessment

MC-1.(81- Questions) — Google Forms

MC-2. (44- Questions) — Google Forms

Class Assignments

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