Caribbean Legal Systems

Lect. 2.2 Natural Law Theory — Educational Video

Lect. 2.3 Positivist Legal Theory — Educational Video

Lect. 6.1.1 Role of Legal Personnel — Educational Video

Lect. 6.2 The Jury System — Educational Video

Legal Scoop — The Gleaner

Ministry of Justice — Official website for the Ministry of Justice- you can download all Jamaican legislation here.

Official website for the Houses of Parliament — Official Website for the Houses of Parliament- you can obtain parliamentary reports on Acts among other things.

Overview of CAPE LAW- [Denis_J_Keenan__Kenneth_Smith]_Smith__Keenan's_E(

Purpose of Jury Act (Amendment) 2010 — The Gleaner

The Cabinet Office — Government of Jamaica Website

Court Management Services- Official page (Jamaica) —

Definition of useful terms and legal glossary — A Supreme Court Website.

Criminal Law

Public Law

Legal methods, research and writings (LMrw)

Online Assessment

MC-1 (46-Questions) — Google Forms

MC-2 (45-Questions) — Google Forms

Internal Assessment (IA)

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